Isabel Magic


Two days ago, I noticed a spill of Vitagen on the kitchen floor. It was just left there and no one said anything. Though I knew who spilled it, I purposely asked the kids. Ethan immediately reported that it was Isabel who spilled it. Isabel, who was holding a bottle of Vitagen, then walked up to me and flashed her most charming and adorable smile. And she walked away.

And I was like, what was that for?

So I asked, “Isabel, what was the smile for? Do you think you can do something wrong and then just flash me a smile? Do you think that your smile can help you when you did something wrong?”

And she casually answered, “Yes, because I have Isabel Magic.” And she flashed me another charming smile.

Isabel Magic? When did she come up with that? I know I told her I have Mummy Magic but I did’t know she would come up with her own magic as well.

By the way, I told her I have Mummy Magic and that was why I always know what my kids are up to even though I didn’t see it. And Mummy Magic also gives me the ability to have an answer to everything they asked. Isabel believed in Mummy Magic though Ethan obviously doesn’t.

So when I heard about Isabel Magic, I immediately thought if I had raised a vain pot who thinks that she can charm her problems her way. I definitely don’t want her to think that.

I want her to be confident and yet humble, and not to get into her head that being pretty is going to help her with anything.

So I asked her to take a piece of cloth and clean up the Vitagen from the floor. She went to wet the cloth but did not manage to squeeze it hard enough. It ended up that the spill was even messier and covered an even bigger spot. In the end, I still had to clean it up myself.

Sigh… I hope she learned from the lesson and realize that there is no such thing as Isabel Magic. There is only Mummy Magic.

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