Heart-melting moments with my princess

My little princess is really a darling (yes, I know all parents think their daughters are darlings). She often says things which will simply melt my heart away like butter in the warm sun…

Here are 2 moments that happened recently which I will cherish forever:

Heart-melting moment #1

We were driving back one evening and were having a conversation about babies.

Isabel: Mummy, I don’t want to have any children when I grow up.

Me: But why? You would be so happy to have your own children, just like how happy and blessed I am with both my children.

Isabel: Nah… I don’t want children. They use up a lot of money. I don’t want to use all my money on children.

Me: What? You don’t want children just so you don’t have to spend money on them?

Isabel: Yes, I want to keep all my money so that I can have half of it and I can give the other half to you. And I can also buy a house for you and we can stay nearby.

Me: (heart melted….)

Heart-melting moment #2

Everyone was always commenting that Isabel looks a lot like my husband. She clearly has his eyes, eye lashes, brows, nose and mouth. Both of them would often flash their dimples together too, something that my son and I can’t do as we do not have dimples.

So one night, she snuggled up to me, held my face in her palms and said:

“Mummy, I know that I look very much like Daddy. But you don’t have to worry                                            about it because I will still love you forever!”

That really made my heart melt….

Aahhh, daughters…. they really are angels.


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