Mirror, Mirror On The Wall!

After having a great time watching Barbie Live last month, Isabel was thrilled when she found out that she will be watching one of her favourite princesses, Snow White, live on stage at Sunway Lagoon.

The first show started on 7 Dec and Daddy managed to get 4 free tickets for the show on 8 Dec. Yippee! This time, Ethan and Daddy came along with us. It was the first time that Ethan watched a live stage performance and he was so excited with the sights and sounds of the whole show.

The show started off with the wicked queen asking the magic mirror who was the fairest in the land. The wicked queen was so convincing that Isabel and Ethan initially got a little bit scared. What’s more, the disfigured man in the mirror really did look a bit scary as well.

Overall, it was an enjoyable show and my kids had a great time. I especially loved the solo singing performance by the huntsman. I thought that his voice was simply amazing. Snow White and the Wicked Queen had some powerful vocals too but I didn’t really enjoy the Prince’s performance as his vocals were too deep that I could not hear what he was singing. And the Court Jester, he was pretty funny and entertaining. He got the crowd going and the kids were obviously excited.

The dancing performances were great too but I thought that the performance by a group of skeletons were pretty scary for the little kids despite its catchy and upbeat tune. Isabel had to be convinced that the skeletons were just dancers wearing costumes.

I did not manage to take as many photos as I liked as we weren’t allowed to take photos. So I only managed to snap some photos of the first two and final performances. Here was how the show looked like:












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