Pregnancy progression photos. Sigh, why didn’t I do that?


Last week, I did a post on pregnancy announcement, which I really regretted for not doing one when I was pregnant. Another thing that I wish I did was pregnancy progression photos, where pregnant mummies took photos of themselves as they progressed along their pregnancies.

In fact, I hardly took any photos when I was pregnant with both my kids. I looked absolutely horrible when I was pregnant, especially during my first pregnancy. My water retention was bad – my face, especially my nose, was incredibly swollen. As was my feet, which increased from size 6 to 8. My second pregnancy was a little bit better but I still looked terrible in photos. So, now, I could hardly find photos of myself when I was pregnant.

When I went through Pinterest and saw beautiful photos of expecting mummies recording the progress of their pregnancies, I wish I had done the same thing. Maybe I could had put on more makeup or angle myself in such a way that I didn’t look so terrible. Oh, well, it’s all too late for that now.

But if you are thinking of taking photos of your pregnancy progress, here are some inspirations for you. Better take the photos or you will regret it later.














Or, you may also want to do a photo of before and after birth. These photos are so beautiful….



One thought on “Pregnancy progression photos. Sigh, why didn’t I do that?

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