Barbie LIVE in Malaysia!

Do your kids like Barbie? Chances are, if your kids are girls, they will love Barbie.

My daughter loves Barbie too but she doesn’t really play with the dolls, she just likes to watch the DVDs and dress up like her. But that’s probably because there is no one to play the dolls with her. Her brother definitely doesn’t want to play dolls with her.

So when I found out that Barbie is having a live show at Sunway Lagoon, I quickly got my husband to check if he can get free tickets (as the tickets were a bit pricey for me)! Fortunately, he managed to get 4 tickets through one of his contacts. My daughter was ecstatic when I told her that she will be seeing Barbie on stage! We gave the other 2 tickets to our friends since my son was not interested in Barbie.

It was my daughter’s first time watching a live performance on stage. The only other performances that she has seen on stage was her own kindergarten concerts.

As we got the tickets complimentary from a friend, I wasn’t sure about our seating. Fortunately, it was not too bad. I really pity those who had seats at the sides as they won’t be able watch was was shown on the screen.

The show started off with Barbie and her best friend, Teresa, on the set of their movie.

Teresa was getting very nervous about her ability to perform so Barbie encouraged her to be confident and to believe in herself, using Barbie’s experiences in own past performances. That’s where scenes from Barbie’s famous DVDs, including Swan Lake, Mariposa & the Fairy Princess and my daughter’s favourite, Princess & The Popstar, came in.

It was an interesting performance and my daughter enjoyed herself very much. When the show ended almost 2 hours later, my daughter wanted to stay back a little longer to see if Barbie will still come out again. She didn’t want the night to end so soon.

The show will be on till 3 Nov so you still have some time if you want to bring your daughter to watch it. Here’s what you can watch from the show:






































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