How I wish there were Indoor Playgrounds when I was a kid!

Kids nowadays are so fortunate. They get to play iPads and tablets, go for holidays overseas, dine at expensive restaurants, have a room full of toys…. and they also get to play in those awesome indoor playgrounds which are located inside shopping malls! I wish they had those playgrounds when I was a kid. It looks like so much fun! There are colourful slides, pools full of balls, levels and levels of platforms to be climbed, swings that go round and round, and so many more fun stuff! These playgrounds are really a heaven for little kids!

My kids also had their fair share of releasing their energy at these playgrounds. When they were younger, I had to run around with them, making sure that they do not get knocked down by bigger kids. Now that my kids are bigger, I let them roam free by themselves. That gives me around 2 – 3 hours of sitting around doing nothing except surfing on my tablet. I just need to make sure that I bring my power bank along in case the tablet battery finishes. Without the tablet, I would be struggling to keep myself awake for those 2 hours.

Have a look at some of the photos that we took at the playgrounds.

Ok, this is not really a playground but it’s close. And the kids loved it!

The lower levels are for the bigger kids and adults. Younger kids would have to go to Level 7. There were quite a lot of rides which the kids could ride over and over and over and over again. So imagine how many times we had to go on the rides. Fortunately, their favourite was the bumper car so they drove around until they were satisfied. We didn’t have to queue up for the rides as there weren’t many people (even though it was a Saturday!) and that made it more enjoyable!




Unlike Berjaya Times Square Theme Park, Jungle Gym was quite crowded when we went there on a Sunday and the place was a bit too cramped for my liking. The place was a little bit dark and looked like a jungle (hence the name Jungle Gym). Nevertheless, the kids had a great time there and refused to leave. It was a good thing that Jungle Gym allowed multiple entries within the same day so I could persuade my kids to go for lunch first and then come back later. We had a hurried lunch as the kids couldn’t wait to go back in there!



The first time we passed by Kiz Sports & Gym, my kids were begging me to bring them in. But the price was quite high, plus we did not have our socks with us. So I promised them that we will go in there another time. Another time came pretty quickly when my kids asked me again to bring them to the ‘monkey playgound’ (that’s what they called it). So on a day that my husband was working and I had absolutely nothing to do with the kids, I decided to bring them there despite the price. Kiz Sports has much more space compared to Jungle Gym and has proper places for parents to sit while waiting for their kids. It looked like a great place but half an hour later, my kids wanted to leave. For the price I paid, I refused to go off after just 30 minutes! I had to coax them into staying longer but after another 15 minutes, they were just sitting around and did not want to play anymore. I was actually very upset that I wasted so much money for less than a hour. I did not want to leave but my kids were just looking at me. Having no choice, I picked up my bags and walked out feeling I did not get my money’s worth. And 2 weeks later, my kids wanted to go there again! Yeah, right! It will be sometime before I get over it!



I love the colours of this playground! It has sweet pastel colours that just make you feel wonderful! It is also large enough with enough space to run around even though there were quite a lot of kids. The only thing that I did not like was that there was no toilet there and the nearest  toilet was located quite a distance away within the mall. When my kids had to answer the call of nature, I had to rush them to the toilet as quickly as possible. Besides the toilet issue, everything there was great. They had many play areas for the kids to enjoy. Would love to go there again!



This is the playground that we frequented the most. Besides being the nearest to where we stay, it is also one of the cheapest. The size may not be as big as most of the other playgrounds, but it is equipped with enough play areas to keep the kids busy. We usually spend around 2 hours there each time. Definitely worth going if you are not staying too far away.

There were also other playgrounds that we went to but I did not manage to take the photos. Here are the websites of the playgrounds:

Kids e-World, The Garden –

Mega Kids, Mid Valley Megamall –

J Kids, Paradigm Mall –

Starship Galactica, 1-Utama –

So if you have nothing to do and just want to sit down, bring your kids to an indoor playground!

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