Visiting the fishies at Blue Coral Aquarium

Did you know that there is an aquarium at KL Tower? I only knew about it when they had a promotion on one of those group-buying sites. The offer was for 5 tickets for only RM30.

I had my expectations a little higher – I was expecting something like Aquaria KLCC or at least something close to that. I mean, it was located at the bottom of KL Tower, a very famous tourist spot. So it has got to have to higher standard, right?

When we first went in, it looked quite impressive with a cylinder-shaped aquarium. We walked along a short corridor,¬† admiring the fishes but when we took the next turn – that was it. The end of the aquarium! The place was so small! It’s even smaller than my department office!

We were in and out of the place in than 10 minutes. If I had paid the normal price of RM15 per pax, then the manager would definitely be forced to listen to me complain about how the price was not justified with the size of the place. I had driven all the way from Puchong just to spend 10 minutes there?

In the end, we went out and the kids had a ride on the horse carriage. I think the kids had more fun riding the horses!

But if you are staying in KL and just want to let your kids have a look at the fishes, then I think it’s not still ok. Anyway, they have promotions quite often on those group-buying sites so keep a look out for it. As for me, that would have been my first and last trip – unless they are able to make the place much bigger and make my money worth the value.

If you want to have a look at how it is inside, then do check out the photos below:




















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