Kids are just being kids – they are not misbehaving or out of control

How many times have we reprimanded our children for ‘misbehaving’, ‘out of control’ or ‘plain naughty? I’m sure all parents have done that before.

I think the next time I am going to scold my kids, I need to take a step back and put myself in their shoes. After all, they are just being themselves – kids. They are just trying to express themselves and do not know the proper way to do it yet.

So as parents, it’s our job to teach them how they can express those feelings properly, right? If we yell at our kids, they will learn that yelling is the way to get things done. And that’s not what I want to teach my kids.

I know that this is so much easier said than done. I am, after all, someone who can’t even stop to count to 10. I usually blow my top after counting to 1 or the most up to 2. I am sure my neighbors had heard me yell and shout countless times.

So in order to give my neighbors some peace and quiet, I shall resolve to stop yelling, or at least to minimize it. I read an article on

and it taught me that yelling only “adds heightened tensions to the atmosphere and that I am exhibiting frustration and anger towards my kids who need an abundance of love and affection.”

The article also says that I should express my desire to yell less to a friend and keep a record of every time I raise my voice. Instead of making it so complicated where I have to bother a friend every time I yell (which could be quite often), I shall just keep a record myself and see how many days can I control myself and not yell at all. It’s going to be a big challenge for me so wish me all the best!

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