Screaming no longer fazes me – let the kids fight (as long as they don’t break anything!)

I used to get all worked up when my kids screamed. Most of the time, they screamed as they fought. It used to make me seriously angry every time they fought. The sound of them screaming at each other used to make my blood pressure rise to the top.

But lately, I noticed (as the picture on the left shows) that screaming no longer fazes me. I would just continue doing whatever I was doing – whether I was in the shower, or doing some house chores or studying. I think my mind is so used to hearing my kids scream and fight that I am just letting it be.

Most of the time, the fight would only last a minute or two and then they will be good friends again. So, why get so worked up over it, right? It’s all part and parcel of growing up.

Both of them fought again last night and as usual, Isabel used her strongest weapon – her fingernails – and scratched her brother as hard as she could. As you can see from the photo below, Isabel did some damage to Ethan’s arm (again!).

I was in the shower when it happened last night. Honestly, I did not rush out like how I used to last time. I just let them fight (of course while listening out that there is no sound of bottles or toys being broken!). I only went out when I was done showering and also managed to take some time to put on my face lotions.

I sent the photo of Ethan’s arm to my husband (as he is out-station at the moment). He sighed. And I just laughed it out. As the text in the picture above says, I now only get up at the sound of broken glass or the smell of smoke. So as long as no one gets seriously hurt that they need medical attention and nothing in the house gets broken, I say “let them fight it out” and I’ll just continue with whatever I am doing. It’s so much better for my blood pressure….

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