The ‘Get-Along’ Shirt – I should make one too!

At the rate that my kids are fighting, I am seriously considering making a ‘Get-Along’ shirt! Whoever thought of this shirt in the first place must have kids who fight with each other all the time too.

My kids fight over almost everything everyday! I know that siblings fight with each other all the time but I don’t remember fighting with my siblings so often!

They would fight over who sits on the front passenger seat in the car, who plays with which toys, who gets to watch TV first, who gets to eat what, etc. There seems to be an ‘opportunity’ to fight over every situation all the time.

And I have to admit, most fights were started by Ethan. Even if we were all walking around peacefully, Ethan would purposely push his sister. It’s as if he is purposely looking for a fight because he has nothing else better to do. Sometimes, he would even sit right in from of Isabel when she is watching TV and block her view? I mean, what was that for?

At other times, when Isabel takes out a toy to play (a toy that no one has played with for over a year), Ethan would go over and says that he wants to play with it first because he hasn’t played with it for a long time. And of course, Isabel would start crying and screaming that she took the toy first.

And when I reprimand Ethan for starting the fights, he would start crying and say that I am always on Isabel’s side. It really used to make my temper flare whenever they start fighting but I am trying my best to control myself. So what if they fight? Let them settle it themselves. I even told them to call an ambulance themselves if they got hurt fighting. And trust me, when they fight, they really fight by slapping, punching, pinching, pushing, scratching, etc! Ethan still has scars on his arm from the time when Isabel scratched him more than 3 weeks ago! One time, Isabel’s bite mark on Ethan’s arm lasted around 3 days. Yes, Isabel is a fighter!

Anyway, what’s the point of me getting so upset with them, right? I could shout at them to stop and get my blood pressure rising but within 5 minutes’ time, both of them are playing together happily again as if the fight never happened.

So, how do you deal with your fighting kids? Want to get them a ‘Get-Along’ shirt too?


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