Baking chocolate cookies with the world’s easiest recipe!

After several unsuccessful attempts at baking chocolate cookies, I had finally done it… with the world’s easiest recipe! Just mix one cup of Nutella, one cup of flour and one egg! Bake it in the oven for 6 minutes and it’s done! And my kids love them!

I had tried baking chocolate cookies using the conventional recipe but some how it always turned out wrong. (Yes, I have to admit that I had never baked anything before even though we had bought the oven for more than 6 years already!) I followed the recipe right to the dot so I seriously do not know where I went wrong. I had almost even given up baking cookies until I saw the Nutella recipe on Pinterest.

I tried out the Nutella recipe when my kids were at my mom’s place as I did not want them to ask me (again!) why we had to throw the cookies away. To much of my relieve, the Nutella recipe turned out beautifully (at least to me it is). I got my kids to try it when they came home and I was delighted that they loved it too. They loved it so much that they brought it to school the next two days and even fought over the last piece. And they asked me to bake it again!

The Nutella cookies are the chewy type (unlike the crunchy Famous Amos type) by my kids think it’s great. However, my dear husband does not prefer this chewy type of cookies but it is ok – less one person for the kids to fight over the cookies with!

So the next time when I baked the cookies, my kids got into the kitchen and helped me out with it:

Pour in one cup of Nutella.
 Add in one cup of flour and one egg. Mix well.
 Put it on a baking tray.
 Lick off any leftover mixture from the ladle!
Ethan loved it even though I think it’s disgusting as it has raw egg and flour in it.
 Doesn’t matter whether the cookies are perfectly shaped or not.
It’s the kids’ masterpiece!
 Bake it in the oven for 6 – 8 minutes and there you have it!
Great tasting cookies with the world’s easiest recipe!
Want the recipe to try out with your kids?
 Let me know how your baking session with your kids turned out!

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