Mummy, can you please tie my hair like a unicorn’s horn?

This was how Isabel made me tie her hair this morning before going to school. She wanted to tie it high up so that it looks like a unicorn’s horn! I’m ok if she still only one-year old but she is already four!

I told her that she would look funny and ridiculous and that her friends and teachers would laugh at her. I thought this would be enough to make her change her mind but no, she said it is ok. She doesn’t mind her teachers and friends laughing at her. So I thought to myself, why argue with her on such a petty matter? She’s not going out with me anyway! So let her be a unicorn for the day if that’s what she wants!

So when I dropped her off at school, I made sure I told the teacher that Isabel was the one who asked me to tie her hair like that. It was not my fault!

This is not the first time that Isabel comes to me with some weird-looking hairstyle requests and funny-looking fashion styles. She usually likes to choose her own clothes to wear and there were many times when the outfit combinations are simply over the top (at least for me). But of course, there were also times when she surprised me with her unique sense of style that looked lovely and fashionable on her.

At those times when I do not agree with her fashion sense, I will try to talk her out of it. Most of the time, she refused to listen and just went ahead to wear whatever outfit that she has chosen. I try to overlook these fashion choices as I do not want to ‘stifle her creativity’. I mean, who cares if she wears a mixture of different prints or long pants (pants, not leggings) under a tutu skirt? She’s only four so most probably people will think it’s adorable. I can live with it. Why bother with what other people (especially strangers) say, right?

So do you let your child dress the way she wants, even if you don’t agree with it?

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