Mummy, why is my hair so short? Sob! Sob!

This is 4-year-old Isabel’s self portrait. She always draws herself as a princess with very long hair. In actual fact, her hair is only shoulder-length.

Isabel has always wanted her hair long. We had been trying to grow it longer but it seems to grow extremely slowly. She has even cried about her hair. Sobbing and crying disappointingly, she asked me why her hair is still so short. Why are all her friends’ hair so long and beautiful but hers is still at her shoulders only? She wants it to grow faster and wants me to help her. She seriously looked so pitiful at those moments, like why is life treating her so unfairly….

I told her that some princesses have short hair too and she is beautiful with her hair now. But of course, with all the children books and movies depicting princesses as beautiful girls with long beautiful locks, it’s hard to convince her otherwise. Hopefully she will forget about the length of her hair and concentrate on her ‘inner beauty’ instead… so I wish….

And I happen to come across this website where they sell, guess what? Long, fake hair for babies and toddlers. How ridiculous can this be? Babies are naturally beautiful and now mothers want to make them more beautiful by covering their adorable head? Have a look at the pictures below and don’t tell me that the kids don’t look ridiculous! In fact, I think they look a bit scary – it’s like they are grown-ups instead of 2 year old toddlers.


The company that sells these fake hairs is called Big Bangs. You can read this article at

I seriously think parents should let their kids be just that – kids. Beautiful no matter bald or what.

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