Mummy, can you help me with this? Mummy, can you help me with that?

Does this happen in your home? Are your kids always looking for you for EVERYTHING even though Daddy is home?

It definitely happens ALL THE TIME in my home! Daddy can be sitting down doing nothing (ok, he’s not doing nothing – he’s doing something very important – he’s on the iPad checking who is attacking his invincible clan in Clash of Clans or nurturing his baby dragons in Dragon Story or checking what’s the latest news on Manchester United) and no one asks him to help with anything! Somehow, everyone looks for Mummy only, even when I am in the toilet or busy with the laundry or washing dishes. WHY???? Well, I would like to think it’s because Mummy is the reliable one and one that they could go to anytime.

But of course, sometimes I will quietly tell the kids to go and look for Daddy instead. I will tell them that Daddy is very free and would love to help them out. That is of course, until Daddy is the one who calls out to me and asks me where everything is. And then it ends up that I am the one who is doing everything… again.

So how do you deal with this at your home?

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