Perfect outdoor fun in the city!

Did you know that somewhere in the hustle and bustle of the city lies a serene and peaceful park where there is a stream that flows through it? Kids can cycle while the adults can jog, there is a large pond with lots of fishes and turtles and kids can also try to catch some fishes in the stream?

Yup, it’s all in Taman Kiara in Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

If you go there on a public holiday or weekend, chances are the park will be filled with families having a picnic by the stream or people jogging up the hill and around the pond. It’s such a beautiful place and what amazes me is that the place is very clean as well. You hardly see any litters there. I guess the people who visited the park really helped to take care of the place.

We ‘celebrated’ Malaysia Day at the park yesterday with some close friends. The boys were all geared up with their nets and pails as they attempted to catch some fish. Everyone was happy with the day’s catch of some small fishes and a funny-looking prawn. And the girls had a great time playing together in the stream as well. With the picnic area so close to the stream, we could easily watch over the kids while having a chat.

Before going home, the kids also managed to kick some football, played frisbee and feed the fish and turtles. It was indeed a great day spent with close friends and families.

So, instead of bringing your kids to shopping malls all the time, why not bring them for some outdoor fun? Remember to bring a change of clothes and some sand toys if you want your kids to play in the stream. And also a net and a pail if you want to catch some fish with your kids!

Have a great time there and do let us know if you had a great time!

And here are some photos of the kids enjoying themselves at the park:














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