Kids and their homeworks… Sigh…

I seriously wonder how in the world can any parent have the patience to teach their own kids to do homework!

Every evening, when I pick Ethan & Isabel up from their babysitter’s place, I will ask them if they have any homework and whether they had completed all of it. Honestly, I will breathe a sigh of relief if they said that they had completed it at the babysitter’s place or that they have no homework for that day.

Teaching Ethan to do his homework will summon all the patience I ever had (and believe me, I have extremely low level of patience). Sometimes, he will bring back his maths homework and ask me to teach him how to do it. I seriously do not know how to teach such young children (especially doing extraction). So I will explain it in the best way that I know how and sometimes he just doesn’t get it. After many attempts, my mind would be asking “why doesn’t he get it? It is so simple!” I know that it may be simple for me but it is not simple for him. But is he concentrating when I am teaching him or is he dreaming? I just don’t know how to teach him.

And sometimes, he will bring back his English & BM books as his teachers asked him to read it at home. When he can’t read simple words, my mind would be asking me again “how come he doesn’t know how to read such simple words?”

And worse of all is that Ethan gets distracted so easily. He would be doing his math questions one minute and another minute I see him talking to his sister or doing something else. If I do not sit with him, it would be worse as the homework would remain unfinished till I pull up a chair next to him and watch over him like a hawk.

With so much chores to do before getting ready for bed every night, I just do not have the patience to wait for Ethan to finish up his homework. I know it’s my responsibility to help him in his homework but it just get so tiring at times….

So how do other working mothers do it?

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