My little ballerina

Look at my darling ballerina! Doesn’t she look adorable? Isabel started attending ballet lessons last August. After about 8 months, she kept complaining that her legs hurt and she is too tired to go for lessons anymore. She refused to go no matter how I persuaded her.

My husband also tried talking to her to continue with her lessons but she refused to listen. She was simply too lazy to go and preferred to stay at home to play with her brother.

Some of my friends said that we should insist that she continue her lessons and that we should not just let her give up like that. According to them, it my will cause girl to do things half way in the future.

But my girl is only 4 years old this year. I did not intend for her to finish all the levels of ballet, except if she wants to. I just wanted her to try and explore new things at this young age. I don’t think that ballet lessons should be forced.

What do you think? Should parents insist on their children finishing up their lessons (music, dance, martial arts or anything) even if the kids don’t enjoy it anymore?

PS: By the way, after 3 months of not attending the ballet lessons, Isabel suddenly changed her mind and started going again….

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