Future doctor…. I hope?

The other day, I was driving my kids to kindergarten and I asked them what do they want to become when they grow up. Of course, I  know that their knowledge of career opportunities is really limited but I was just asking for fun. My son said he wants to become a teacher or a policeman. I told him to aim to become a doctor instead so that he can help many people, but actually, it’s because of the money!

Really, don’t we all want our children to become rich and successful? Of course, it will be great if they can help the less fortunate along the way, but reality is, we all need money. I would not love my kids any lesser if they do not make tons of money but I hope I can  guide them to do the best they can to lead a happy life…. And life is definitely better if you do not have to constantly think about making ends meet every month….

Anyway, how many parents would encourage their kids to become policemen or teachers nowadays? Most would want their kids to become doctors, lawyers, engineers or anything that makes loads of money. If not, how are they going to take care of us when we are old? How are they going to buy us a house, car, holiday trips, etc?

But in the end, I guess all parents just want their children to be happy in life. I suppose that what I wish for them as well, though it won’t hurt if they are happy and have lots of extra money to spend on me… 🙂

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