Try cleaning your house with kids around!

I happened to see this quote in facebook one day and thought, “OMG, THIS IS SO TRUE!” Anyone who has ever tried cleaning the house with kids in the house will agree to this.

I really have to salute those who manage to clean the house all alone with kids running around. I usually vacuum & mop, dust furniture & shelves and clear stuff on Friday evenings or Saturday mornings. Unfortunately, my dear husband will usually be working or doing something outside during this time. So this leaves me with 2 toddlers alone in the house.

While I clear the things from the floor or tables, I will tell the kids not to mess anything as I need to vacuum the floor later. So while I am cleaning up one of the rooms, the kids will be playing in another room. After tidying the room, I walked out only to find the floor where the kids were playing full of toys. So I start nagging them to help me put the things away. Of course, kids being kids, they will move slowly when it comes to tidying up.

And when I go to another rooms, the kids will again take out more toys to play. It seems to be never ending until I raise my voice. And then the kids will say that I am always nagging at them!

That’s why when I read this quote, I felt that I was not alone in this. I’m sure other mothers would face the same problem when cleaning the house with kids around. Right?

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