To milk or not to milk?

That is the question – should I give my kids milk (cow’s milk)? I (and almost every mother out there) think that milk is good for children. It is supposed to provide the essential nutrients needed by growing children. Milk has AHA, DHA and whatnot that will make our children strong and healthy. For stronger bones, drink milk! So why I am being told otherwise now?

My kids tend to fall sick quite often, especially my daughter. There was one time that we visited the paediatrician almost once a month. Her falling sick is mainly due to allergy and she is very sensitive to dust. However, during one of our visits to the paediatrician, the good doctor asks me if my kids drink cow’s milk. I was surprised by the question as I thought all kids should drink milk. The doctor explained that some kids’ allergy could be due to cow’s milk as well. Astonished, I asked “aren’t milk supposed to be good for children?” And the doctor answered, “According to who? The milk company?” And so the doctor asked me to try to replace the cow’s milk with soy milk instead. Well, unfortunately, both my kids hated the soy milk….

I am still unable to wean my kids from cow’s milk. They simply love it too much. They must have one bottle every night before going to sleep and another bottle in the morning right after they wake up. During weekends, they have another additional 2 – 3 bottles during day time as well. So how do I get them to stop drinking cow’s milk?

Studies have also shown that cow’s milk contains hormone and other stuff that are not good for humans. Cow’s milk are meant for baby cows, not human babies.

So what do you do, knowing that cow’s milk is actually not good for your kids?

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