Mummy, someone pushed me down in school today!

When your child comes home telling you that someone pushed him down (on purpose) in school, what do you do? When my son told me that someone pushed him down in school, the first thought that came to my mind was to tell him to push the kid back if he ever does it again. But then, if my son pushes the kid in retaliation, will it lead to a fight which is even worse? So, instead, I told him what mothers would normally say… just tell the teacher that someone pushed him down.

But will telling the teacher really help? How much can the teacher help and how often? So won’t it be better to tell my son to stand up for himself and don’t let anyone push him around? My husband also thinks that we should tell our kids not to let anyone push them around. They should be able to defend themselves and we should teach them how to survive in this world, whether it’s in kindergarten or the big, bad world outside awaiting them.

However, some of my friends insist that the children should just tell the teachers and let the teachers reprimand the bullies. But will this turn the children into tell-talers who are not able to stand up for themselves?

What do you think?

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